Dicing with Death – Clash on Kardiv Prime

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s a write up of a couple of battles we fought last week. I hope you enjoy!

Kardiv Prime had escaped the worst of the Heresy so far. It was protected with a chain of fortresses around the main hive built by the IV Legion and garrisoned by well drilled army troops. It didn’t possess any great wealth or strategic importance and had hoped the heresy would pass them by. When Corax’s fleet appeared at the edge of the system the garrison at Ga-Phe was put on full alert and requests for aid were sent out to any available traitor forces. It was a surprise to everyone that the Raven Guard didn’t attempt to take the main hive but rather landed in the northern polar ice fields, ignoring all population centres. Old cartographs showed a small research facility there but nothing else. Shortly afterwards, the XXII Millennial of the Emperor’s Children arrived and went straight to the polar caps to confront the Raven Guard.

An initial scouting force was sent under the command of Hipparch Anthame to locate the Raven Guard forces. The skimmers scouted far ahead of the rest of the task force, and operated as a reserve for the infantry.


They quickly realised they had walked into an ambush set up by Shadow Captain Kraai, who had assembled units of elite troops to delay the Emperor’s Children.


With his troops deployed either side of the ravine, Kraai had waited for Anthame’s forces to march through the pass before launching their attack. Swift and deadly the tactical marines opened fire, pinning the Emperor’s Children infantry whilst the Dark Furies bounded down into the pass. Brother Kyaneus opened up with his kheres at the back of Honoured Brother Aristogeitus and destroyed the contemptor with one burst of fire.IMG_0070

The Mor Deythan suffered heavy casualties under the firepower of the Emperor’s Children support squad positioned in the bastion; even their ability to blend into their cover couldn’t protect them from the martian death rays.


The Raven Guard had the upper hand in the fire fight until the skimmers returned to the battlefield. They arrived right behind the Raven Guard lines, crippling Brother Kynaeus with a sustained missile barrage from the Javelins.


Nothing could stop the Raven Guard plasma gun support squad, who chewed through every unit they came up against. The jetbikes were annihilated by white hot bursts of plasma.


The Dark Furies made it into combat with the tactical squad to the west of the pass and Shadow Captain Kraai butchered Sergeant Iosephon in personal combat. The rest of the squad quickly died to the claws of the Raven Guard.


The Emperor’s Children fled, defeated by the sudden strike of the Raven Guard. After this initial skirmish, both sides geared up for a larger battle. When Antigonus, the commander of the Emperor’s Children on Kardiv Prime, realised they now knew the position of the Raven Guard he immediately mobilised his entire Millennial and drove straight for the Raven Guard forces. They were intercepted and battle was met just outside the research facility.


The Tyrannicide, the Emperor’s Children Glaive, took a heavy toll on the Raven Guard. It decimated the assault squad, Dark Furies and Mor Deythan with its Volkite Carronade. In response a Darkwing storm eagle flew in, dropping off a squad of terminators. They set to work with their chainfists and crippled the venerable super-heavy, knocking it out of the battle.


Corax’s personal appearance on the battlefield helped rally the Raven Guard, and he set about butchering squads of Emperor’s Children. Lord Legate Antigonus, seeing the primarch and looking for a rematch of their duel on Istvaan V, charged in with his bodyguard. Several members of his Phoenix Guard were cut down by Corax, but even he could not withstand the blows forever and was eventually forced to retreat from the battlefield. IMG_0090

Even though the Raven Guard were outnumbered they fought valiantly. They had managed to delay the advance of the Emperor’s Children long enough for a shuttle to be launched from the research facility. Squads of Raven Guard gave their lives as a rear guard to allow the rest of the XIX legion troops to flee the world. Antigonus could only look on in fury at being denied this chance to destroy the Raven Guard completely and he was left to wonder what it was that the Raven Guard had fought so determinedly to extract from the planet.

The research facility held no clues as to what had been taken, only that it had required a large complex of geothermal generators to run. If this was something that could help the loyalists in their fight against the Warmaster’s cause, then Antigonus would need to stop them. The XXII Millennial relocated back to their cruiser and set off in pursuit of the Raven Guard, determined to stop whatever their plans were…

Christmas Presents!

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great Christmas and got lots of plastic crack!

I got a new camera for Christmas. Still getting the hang of all the different settings but had a play with it on some models today. We’ve gone from this:


To this:


So we’ll be able to take much better quality pictures of our models and battles from now on. (this does mean I will have to step up my painting though as you can now see all my mistakes!!!)

We’re hoping to have a game soon, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it all looks with the new camera. Until then, here is a sneak peak of something I’m working on…




The Expedition to Iydris Part 2

Whilst the other two have been busy with real life, I have been swept up in Heresy enthusiasm and have converted up some models for my planned mid-heresy army. With some reshuffling in the Raven Guard list, the destroyers got dropped as they tended to under perform and didn’t really fit with the theme of the army.

So with the destroyers as a base I set up converting up the squad of palatine blades including the characters mentioned in the last post. For this build I mainly used the Chaos Raptors, the Dark Eldar Hellions and bits from our extensive bits boxes. First up is Kalimos:

He has the power sword from the Raptor kit plus a head and whip from the Hellions. I shaved down the ears of the head to make them a little less alien, then green stuffed some ‘chains’ and hooks around the face to represent his mutilation. I’ll paint the skin on his face all red and cut up; hopefully it’ll look good!

This is my interpretation of Lonomia Ruen. One knife comes from the Hellion kit and the other is just a spare dagger/spike I had lying around that looked suitably wicked. I added a few spikes to his shoulder pads and I think it looks good without being too over the top.

Here is Bastarnae Abranxe. One sword is from Lucius the Eternal that I’ve had lying around for ages but not actually done anything with and the other is from the Mk 4 power weapon kit. The scar and tattoo on his face will be done with paint.

Here are Basileon and Andragoras. These made up guys are equipped with phoenix spears made from the blades in the Hellion kit. I figured they looked close enough to phoenix spears with an added evil look to them. Both of them have heads from the Hellion kit; the hair looks nice and psychedelic and they have masks that represent the surgical upgrades given them sonic shriekers. I was worried that the heads look a bit too small, but overall I’m fairly happy with these guys.

And the final two are Diodotus Sidon and Laenas Apameon. These guys are also armed with ‘phoenix spears’ (I realise that Laenas’ is quite bent, it has since been straightened out) and have heads from the Raptor kit. Several of the helmets have extended face plates that are perfect to represent sonic shriekers.


And here is the whole squad. I’m really happy with how they look overall. Their armour is still clearly mk.4, but they also very much look like traitors. They’re also more in line with how they are represented in Angel Exterminatus. I’ll do another post once they are fully painted; I’m going with the same scheme as my other Emperor’s Children, just with extra flourishes on them.

As ever if you have any comments or criticisms of them please let me know!


Dok’s Shop – The Laer

Welcome to Dok’s Shop! In this feature we’ll go over how we went about creating one of our conversion projects.

At the Great Crusade event we attended last weekend, a lot of time and effort had been put into creating an awesome campaign pack with the rules for all sorts of Xenos factions encountered by the legions. When I saw the Laer had rules I knew I had to make some; the temptation to build the cause of the Emperor’s Children’s downfall was too much!

Having decided I was going to make some, I started gathering images and descriptions of the Laer. Fulgrim was the natural starting point which describes the main combat branch of the Laer in some detail, describing how they all have snake like bodies, two sets of arms and chitinous bug heads. Each was armed with two swords and the lower arms fired blasts of green energy.


Armed with this info I started looking for suitable models and narrowed it down to the Tyranid Raveners or the Sslyth models. I eventually settled on the sslyth because they were already armoured and looked a bit more lithe. Their heads were too snakey though, and then someone recommended the T’au Vespids, so I acquired a squad of them (the bodies I’ve saved to turn into some Xenos mercenaries for Inq 28). The Vespid heads fit pretty well onto the Sslyth bodies, needing only a little bit of greenstuff to sit right.

Finally I needed weapons for them; in Fulgrim they are described as being armed with sabre like swords, so I rounded up as many charnabal sabres as I could beg, borrow and steal from people! With all my bits arranged I started converting.


This is the final product after building. Even though I was using the same stock body, I wanted to try and convert them a little bit to make them seem different. I’m particularly happy with the Laer holding the marine helmet, this will be painted purple as a nod to the bloodthirsty campaign. The third one is made up as some sort of squad leader in case I ever decide to expand the unit.


In terms of painting, I was in a bit of a rush to get them finished for the campaign so they’re not my best work and I will probably go back and finish them off at some point in the future. Their armour is described as a bright silver, but there is nothing about what colour they were, so I stuck with a white/purple (its slaanesh’s favourite after all).


They performed quite well on the table top, killing a few models here and there. There most useful rule was making those in base contact take blind checks; a surprising number of marines failed this meaning they were much easier to cut down!


Overall they were a fun unit to convert up, and I’m sorely tempted to make more of them and re-enact Solomon’s bold charge up the centre into the massed Laer…

The Expedition to Iydris Part 1

Hi everyone, sorry we haven’t posted in a while, but I was busy painting up a load of Ork vehicles after I changed my list for the Great Crusade event last minute. I finished them at 7am the day of the event!

With my Orks done, I’m moving back to the Emperor’s Children to finish what I currently have on the paint station: a deredeo, 5 volkite support troops, 5 tacticals and 5 palatine blades. The deredeo will come in handy as our meta is fairly flier heavy.

I’ve been listening to Angel Exterminatus as I’ve been painting for motivation. It has made me realise that whilst my Emperors Children are perfect for pre and early heresy games, by the mid-heresy they’re very different and a lot more corrupted. I thought I would try converting up a more heretical army, built around the 3rd Company rite of war.

The core of the army will be two big squads of kakophoni with an apothecary in each, and then I’m going to be converting up some of the named characters in the book and run them as a squad of (very crazy) corrupted palatine blades. Here are the characters I’m thinking of converting up with how they are described in the book:

Krysander of the Blades ‘his hooked tongue licked cracked lips… the daggers thrust through the flesh sheaths of his bear chest and thighs… the cloak of razor thorns.’ (pg123). This will be tricky to represent as I don’t really want a bare-chested marine. I like the cloak idea, so I could just say that when he went to battle he put on full armour.

Kalimos ‘the hooks and rings piercing the face of Kalimos were linked by taut chains that would prick and tear at the flesh in new and exotic ways with each word he spoke’ (pg123) and ‘the warrior gripped the barbed haft of a whip that lay coiled beside him’ (pg 251). The important features with this model will be his whip, which I may use 40k Lucius’ whip and his bare head with chains and hooks on. That may be tricky to represent at 28mm scale, but I will try green stuffing some small hooks on a suitably bear head.

Lonomia Ruen ‘Ruen’s armour was festooned with daggers and razor spikes, each coated in one of his man amusingly lethal toxins’ (pg123) and ‘Ruen fought with his hollow daggers, slender bladed poniards that drooled hissing tears of venom’ (pg213). It should be fairly easy to equip a model with two daggers, though I will have to have a hunt for suitably lethal looking ones. With regards to the daggers and spikes on his armour, care will have to be taken to make sure he doesn’t look like a porcupine! I think less will be more, and I should just go for effect.

Bastarnae Abranxe ‘Abranxe wore his twin swords in imitation of Lucius … the scar Lucius had given him … was now hidden beneath a tattoo.’ (pg123). This guy should be fairly easy to make as all he needs is a bare head on which to paint the tattoo and two swords.

The force was going to be led by Marius Vairosean, but I can’t work out how to run him rules wise. Having him as just a Kakophoni orchestrator seems too weak, so I have a couple of ideas:

  1. Run him as a praetor with a combi-plasma, sonic shriekers and probably a paragon blade. This isn’t super fluffy really, but would let him lead my force with the combi-plasma representing his sonic blaster.
  2. Run him as a forge lord with a conversion beamer. This would allow him to be a character, and still emphasise his shooting ability. I could say that his sonic weapon is enhanced, hence why it is deadlier than a normal kakophoni gun.

If I go with option 2 I could have Lucius or Kaeseron as a praetor or just run Eidolon.

I’m also considering running an allied cults and militia list with Fabius Bile as the force commander (explaining the weaker profile as the effects of the blight). I’d use cult horde and tainted flesh to represent the crazed followers and possibly some Terata (using spawn rules). What do you think of that? What figures do you think would be best to represent the mortal followers? I can’t decide between Dark Eldar Wracks or Kairic Acolytes with different heads.

So that’s my plans for the army, I’ll upload some photos once I’ve got some models to show!


Plans for the future…

Making the most of the free shipping from Forge World, the Salamanders are getting some big reinforcements…

With Corax and Fulgrim gracing our battlefields, it was only a matter of time before Vulkan brought his massive hammer to bear! Plus from our last game, where a squad of 5 Firedrakes destroyed everything they were pitched against, we’ve learnt that bigger is better! And why not throw in an extra contemptor and some pyroclasts for good measure.

We’re also in the middle of updating our scenery. As we only play with painted models, we figured that having fully painted scenery makes all the difference. Currently we are rebasing and painting our realm of battle boards, and figured a couple of cool forge world boards will provide focal points for our games.

p.s. shopping after a couple of beers is always fun!

Dicing with Death – The Cleansing of Krassis IV

Originally designated 27-5, Krassis IV was the fifth planet that Corax’s 27th Expeditionary Fleet brought into compliance. Krassis IV was an old colony of humans, but was currently under the grip of a large ork empire led by ‘Gitstomp da Great’. He was using the humans as slaves to build greater weapons for his boys.


Upon arrival at the planet, Corax immediately dispatched units to the key population centres with the goal of liberating as many of the humans as they could. Chaplain Deythuri led the II Battalion, VII Chapter to the capital of the planet, landing an initial force of elite troops with the body of the battalion held in reserve in storm eagles.


Before them was amassed a sea of green. Hundreds of boys backed up by mechanical monstrosities built in mockery of venerable and ancient dreadnoughts. This mass of Greenskins was a formidable sight and came on in large groups, hollering and firing their pistols into the air.


The groups of civilians in the area were the key targets for the Raven Guard, and they charged forward to meet the Greenskins in order to protect them. Initial gunfire from the Raven Guard was ineffective against the horde of boys, and venerable contemptor Kynaeus even lost an arm to the rocket fire of a tank-hunting mob riding in a collection of scrap metal that looked like some form of truck.


The Raven Guard were more than up to the task though, and Chaplain Deythuri burst forward with the Dark Furies, counter-charging the bellowing mobs of boyz. Their ravens talons struck with bloody effect, and whole squads disappeared under their shredding claws. It was at this point that a gigantic ork stepped out from his battlewagon, accompanied by a unit of huge, scarred nobz. They charged Deythuri, butchering his squad and leaving Deythuri broken on the ground in his wake, not before they had killed a number of the nobz though.


Corax realised that this ork must be Gitstomp, the leader of the Greenskins on this planet, and immediately teleported down from his capital ship, Shadow of the Emperor, to face this evil and cut the head off the snake. Gitstomp could not match the fury of a primarch and Corax shredded Gitstomp, ending his live in a staggering series of blows with his talons.


More marines arrived to secure the battlefield and help protect the humans. Not even the arrival of a strike wing of ork fliers could stop the Raven Guard from cleansing this city. With the Warlord dead, the ork resistance collapsed, and Krassis IV was finally free of the ork masters. The Raven Guard spent 2 weeks clearing out the orks from the hidden corners of the world, ensuring that the Greenskins would never again threaten this planet.


In preparation for the Great Crusade event we are playing at, we thought it was a good idea to get a couple of games in to see how orks did against legions. We played War of Lies, and having so many troops was pretty useful for the orks as it meant they had better ground cover than the Raven Guard. However, the firepower that legions can put out is just devastating, and they chew through orks like they’re nothing. Walkers also suffer with low initiative; contemptors strike before deff dreads and are well equipped to punch them to death! The final result was 14-10 to the Raven Guard. It was a really fun game, and nice to try something different in Heresy. I’ve learned some lessons though, and reckon I’ll get a few more bits for my orks to try a different style of list. Watch this space…


Terrified Mobs Objectives

We’ve been taking part in the global Heresy event that’s been going on fighting over the Golloch Cluster. September’s event was called The Culling of Sterith Prime and involved the Loyalists trying to rescue civilians trapped on this world, and the Traitors trying to round up and sacrifice them. We decided to convert up some objective markers to represent bands of terrified civilians, who ran in random directions unless controlled by a faction.

This is the first model we put together. Trying to find bits to represent civilians was initially quite tricky as most Imperial models look too military to be rag tag mobs of displaced civilians. The genestlealer cults kits came in handy, as they wear mining suits so represent regular workers, and then the Skitarii kits provided a few bionics. They could be the servants of nobles or low level mechanincum adepts.Finally we had quite a few Empire bits left over from our Warhammer Fantasy armies and these proved invaluable for bear heads, arms and other bits, as well as flagellant bodies looking the part too.

For the last of the objectives I wanted to have a noble running as part of the mob. I thought it would be a nice touch to show how far the mighty have fallen; that everyone from the highest to the lowest have been affected by the civil war. I thought the female vampire lord model looked suitably baroque enough.

They were painted in a bit of  a hurry to get them ready in time for our first game of the month. But we were pretty happy with the result and they looked great on the tabletop.


They were great fun and added an level of unpredictability to our games. It also added to the narrative, fighting over civilians, rather than just die or tokens. Here’s a few pictures we took of them in games:



Horus Heresy Doubles List

I thought as a first post I would show off the list that we took to a doubles event over Summer. The goal with this army was to choose a theme that fitted the fighting style of our two legions and would look awesome on the battlefield.


We had gone through a couple of different variations of this army in tester games. Initially we had a second Raven Guard storm eagle, but this didn’t work very well and was relatively easy to shut down by forcing the fliers to jink. Eventually we settled on the army you see above which contained:

Raven Guard:

Korvide Deythuri – Legion Chaplain.

Brother Arthies – Apothecary.

Tactical Squad Nassori – 15 marines.

Tactical Squad Taedus – 15 marines.

Brother Kyaneus – Contemptor-Cortus.

Brother Yiraka – Contemptor-Cortus.

Pythian – Storm Eagle.

Velox- 10 Dark Furies.

Emperor’s Children:

Gnaeus Corbulo – Delegatus on Jetbike.

Equites Scutarii – 3 jetbikes.

Equites Clibanarii – 4 jetbikes.

Apergion & Skotonei – javelin land speeders.

Equites Mauri – 3 land speeders.

Equites Lanciarii – 2 land speeders.

Balistarius – Fire Raptor gunship.

Equites Sagittarii – 5 sky slayers with plasma cannons.


I ran the Sky Hunter Phalanx right of war because you don’t see it very often and yet it fits the Emperor’s Children way of fighting perfectly. It took some getting used to playing and I learnt that holding some units in reserve definitely helped. Gaining outflank thanks to the rite of war was awesome, I would move my jetbike heavy support squad off the first turn only for it to arrive in the enemy’s flank turn 2 and open up in the side of our opponent. In one game they managed to destroy both a Sicaran Arcus and a regular Sicaran thanks to this tactic!


We struggled against an Iron Warriors/Sons of Horus team that had a lot of artillery and intercepting Iron Havocs but had a surprising win against a Space Wolves/Death Guard pairing all in land raiders.  The land speeders with multi-melta and graviton guns proved deadly at opening up the land raiders only to have the Raven Guard mop up the infantry and hold the objectives.



We played 4 games with this army over the course of the tournament, winning 2 and losing 2. As the army was a bit of a scalpel rather than a sledgehammer we were really happy with this result, and is probably a good representation of the army strength. We were also delighted to be voted most sporting team on the day! Overall it was a fantastic event and we are really looking forward to the Great Crusade Weekend in December!