From rolling dice to shuffling cards.

We have dabbled in nearly every game the Games Workshop has to offer but we have recently been indulging in a different game entirely. A couple of years ago we decided to break into the world of Magic the Gathering and boy is it good fun.

We have only really played commander (EDH) as it is a multiplayer format and as there are three of us it avoids the awkward conversation as to who has to make dinner whilst the others play 🤣.

Nothing beats a FNM with pizza and beer

Stu was the first of us to dive into the world of MTG and it did not take long for him to drag Jamie and I head first into it as well. Our interest spiked with the D&D themed decks and furthermore with the Warhammer 40k preconstructed decks.

We have even tried drafting Unfinity, which as a first draft attempt, was hilarious and so confusing. We did however manage to pull three of the unfinity shock lands to slip into our decks and kit three off our decks out with unfinity basic lands 😍.

We do love a matching land base!

If you follow the links below you will find some of our favourite EDH decks and why we love them so much. As always we love a bit of feedback so feel free to leave comments at the bottom of the deck lists or message us on Instagram if you have any suggestions.

Check out our decks below


Part of our hobby passion is the rule of cool. Things that aren’t necessarily the best but are just too awesome or flavourful to leave out. Follow the link below to check out some of our favourite cards and commanders!

Have a look at our favourite cards


Saying that we are all about the rule of cool would be a bit of a lie. We also like it when each other’s decks pop off and do some amazing things. Part of that is appreciating the combos and card synergies that win games. We aren’t all for the two card, easy win combo but here are some of our favourites.

Click to look at our prize combos and synergies


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