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Behold my Decks! I enjoy building decks almost as much as playing commander. I’m bad for always working on a new deck idea rather than necessarily refining my existing ones! I will update this page over time to add all my decks in more detail! For now my Wilhelt deck is the most in depth but I will add to the others over time! As you can see my favourite colours are black and blue but I’ve tried to play around with all the colours to an extent.


When I first got into magic it was during the Innistrad Midnight Hunt Set. The Wilhelt precon was a perfect starting place for me. The commander combined two of my favourite things – Zombies and drawing cards! 

Slowly over time I’ve added and tweaked this deck. It is built to have a relatively flexible game plan and definitely could be more refined down one specific game plan. However I like being able to play to different win cons depending on what else is at the table. 

This deck can go wide with lots of zombie tokens getting buffed by the likes of Lord of the Accursed and Death Baron. Then you can give them all flying (Hordewing Skaab) or sacrifice them all to deal a tonne of damage (Meathook Massacre and/or Vengeful Dead). It can also use sacrifice abilities (Ravenous Rotbelly) to fill my graveyard but also deal with the opponents threats. It has a decent bit of recursion with the likes of Zombie Apocalypse and my Liliana Planeswalkers.

It has a nice bit of zombie mana cheat too with Undead Warchief and most importantly Rooftop Storm allowing some crazy turns.

Plus its stuffed full of card draw too – some attached to zombies such as Cryptbreaker and others such as Phyrexian Arena and Distant Melody

And what’s better than lots of zombies? Double lots of zombies – Necroduality is such a spicy card and allows some really crazy turns. One of my other favourite cards in this deck is Empty the Laboratory – it allows me to turn all my token zombies into proper zombie cards with all their lovely effects – especially good when you combine this with Necroduality and get double of all the zombies!

I plan to write up a more detailed dive into the deck at some point but check out the list on moxfield below!

Decklist – Braaaiins – Wilhelt – Zombie tribal


This deck vies with my zombie deck as my favourite. As a big D&D fan I loved the idea of exploring dungeons in magic. This deck is packed full of etb effects and recursion. It’s got maybe a few too many big ticket cards that are great to discard and try and cheat out early. The dungeon exploring mechanic adds a lot of flexibility and added power to the deck as well as helping to make each game feel very different from the previous one.

The deck’s mana base is a bit shaky but I couldn’t resist putting in the D&D signature diamonds, just a shame they come in tapped. It very much used to be a spinning plates deck, doing lots of things on any given turn but not ever really achieving much. Now I’ve added some better wincons in and this deck and flicker and trigger etbs ad nauseam with the right coordination. Interestingly this commander was a precon but I opened a borderless version of her in a pack and built the deck from scratch instead. 

Decklist – Dungeoneering – Sefris – Venture/Reanimator/ETB


I some how opened not one but two Sheoldred the Apocalyspes when cracking boosters and one happened to be a beautiful full art phyrexian version. So it was clearly a sign to build this deck. I love drawing cards and having a glutton of options on any given turn. Plus I get to be the nice guy and help everyone out by drawing them cards too (at a small cost of course…) This deck is defo a strong one and with some refinement could be a very competitive deck. 

Decklist – Drawpocalypse – Sheoldred – Draw/Burn

Burn with Me!

I mostly play black or blue decks and so wanted to try out some red cards for a change! Thought I’d throw together a mono red deck and Torbran seemed like a fun candidate. This deck definitely runs out of steam but can have some really explosive turns! It all hinges around Torbran’s ability to add 2 damage to any red source of damage, so need to be careful when to play him out as he’s no good dead in the command zone! 

Decklist – Burn with Me – Torbran – Burn/ping damage

Prosper from Chaos

Prosper can be quite the competitive commander from what I’ve seen from some other peoples versions of the deck. This version is not so competitive but arguable way more fun. The aim of this deck is really just to exile lots of cards both from my deck and opponents deck and see what the luck of the cards brings. There’s also a few cards that are in it just for the pure chaos of it. Definitely not a deck that can be played over spelltable! No two games are the same and it really spices up a game night. Definitely a deck for some laid back causal play rather than anything more competitive but it’s not always about winning. Why win when you can create chaos and have fun doing it!?

Decklist – Prosper from Chaos – Prosper – Exile/Chaos/Jank

All images are taken from the Magic the Gathering card database – can be accessed at

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