A Vrondo Combo! (Part 1)

I don’t run many infinite combos in my decks, I actually do not enjoy playing or playing against two card auto win combos and I know that my two compadres also feel the same.

That being said I have one deck that is all about combos, however it takes a lot of cards and puzzle pieces to actually get it to work. The deck will normally end up comboing out but it is easy to stop because it requires 4+ cards and is quite well telegraphed, it also only happens after turn 8 at the earliest.

There are a few combos in my vrondiss deck which is what makes it fun, I don’t just cast two cards and say “I win, here’s the combo”.

I can make infinite tokens, I can ping my opponents for infinite damage, I can create infinite treasure tokens, I can draw my entire deck. Below I will go through some of the combos… But please consider there are probably more combos that you can do.

DISCLAIMER – I make sure that when I am about to go infinite I let my opponents know. I don’t tell them which pieces are the key ones because I feel that they need to be able to threat assess. However I will say something like “I am about to make infinite tokens” so that they know to look for things to remove or counter. I just feel it gives them a fair chance and doesn’t leave them feeling like they have lost out of nowhere with answers in their hands.

I know this DISCLAIMER is not how everyone chooses to play and that’s cool. I just don’t want to sprinkle any salt towards my buddies when we are playing.

Here is an example of the infinite token combo with Vrondiss Rage of Ancients:

Cards needed: Vrondiss Rage of Ancients, Terror of the Peaks/Where Ancients Tread (or equivalent), a way to make Vrondiss indestructible and a way to damage Vrondiss.

DISCLAIMER – to make this combo work you need to have a card that deals damage when a creature ETBs. If the Dragon Spirit does damage when it ETBs then it will sacrifice itself and it will not create infinite tokens. For example Where Ancients Tread deals 5 damage when a creature ETBs, whereas Dragons Tempest has the creature do the damage so it will not create infinite tokens.

The set up: have Vrondiss, Where Ancients Tread and any way to damage Vrondiss (I will use Cunning Spark Mage for this explanation) on the battlefield. Have a way to make Vrondiss indestructible in your hand (Withstand Death is a good example).

With the set up listed above tap your Cunning Spark Mage targeting Vrondiss, with this on the stack hold priority and cast Withstand Death also targeting Vrondiss. He will become indestructible and then will delt 1 damage by Cunning Spark Mage.

This damage will trigger Vrondiss‘ enrage ability and he will create a 5/4 Dragon Spirit token.

When this token ETBs it’ll trigger Where Ancients Tread and you need to have its ability target Vrondiss.

Vrondiss will take damage from Where Ancients Tread and will create another 5/4 Dragon Spirit token but Vrondiss will not die because he is indestructible.

This new token will trigger Where Ancients Tread again and this process will repeat infinitely.

The result will be you having infinite 5/4 Dragon Spirit tokens.

I like to talk my opponents through the process a couple of times so that they can see it will be infinite.

So there you have it! The first of the Vrondiss infinite combinations.

Remember to combo responsibly!

MSE – 2023

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