The Siege of Vraks

It is 166813.M41. The vital armoury world of Vraks is in revolt. Eight million souls have turned from the Emperor and holy Terra has ordered Vraks be retaken.

The Departmento Munitorum has calculated the manpower required to retake the world. Matching the defender’s casualties at a rate of two to one, they expect war will take twelve standard years.

It is one of countless bloody conflicts in the Imperium’s never-ending war for galactic dominance. For those on the ground, it is hell.

433813.M41 – The Bruniskov Offensive fails in its attempt to breach the outer defence lines. Full report of the battle compiled by Munitorum adept Fyget, assigned to the 88th Siege Army Staff Headquarters, Thracian Primaris

Hunkered down in the ruins of a chimera wrecked in a previous assault, two unknown troopers provide fire support for the next wave.

Siege of Vraks - A Death Korps of Krieg heavy weapon team hunker down in the ruins of a wrecked Chimera battle tank.

Siege of Vraks - A renegade ogryn attacks a Krieg patrol

A Krieg assault is blunted by a counter attack from Cardinal Xaphan’s mutated monstrosities.

Krieg troopers prepare to clear a traitor-held bunker during the collapse of the outer defence line.

Siege of Vraks - Krieg bunker assault
Siege of Vraks - Renegade Malcador Defender advances through no-man's land.

A Malcador Defender, retrieved from underground storage, adds it’s considerable firepower to the renegade militia’s advance.

212813.M41 – After a preliminary bombardment lasting weeks, the 149th regiment finally commences its assault on the outer defence line.

Siege of Vraks - Krieg first wave goes over the top.
Siege of Vraks - Krieg troops man the trenches.

Men of the 309th Siege Regiment man the trenches whilst the guns of the 226th Independent Artillery Company hammer the traitor lines.

An unidentified member of the Purge traitorus sub-faction advances alongside reanimated corpses during the last stand of the 19th regiment.

Siege of Vraks - Plague zombies arise and attack!
Siege of Vraks - Renegade tank column advances.

Leman Russ battle tanks advance during the traitor’s counter-attack against the 19th siege regiment. Pict-recordings show this squadron was responsible for the destruction of Captain Gerszon’s vanquisher.

249825.M41 – Mortar squad of the 206th Regiment’s 4th Company during the breakthrough at Sector 54-45. Both troopers are recorded as KIA following the battle.

Siege of Vraks - Krieg mortar team supports the main assault, firing from the centre of a crater.
Siege of Vraks - Renegade trench raid.

Trench raid at dusk.

729823.M41 – Colonel Keled, commander of the 19th Siege Regiment oversees the last stand of his regiment following the tainted forces of Nurgle’s relentless advance.

Siege of Vraks - Krieg regimental command.
Siege of Vraks - Renegade trench raid supported by a Leman Russ.

In Sector 46-41, a renegade militia patrol advances through no man’s land.

Renegade militia rush to man the trenches following sight of the 179th Krieg Regiment’s assault.

Siege of Vraks - Renegade trench assault.
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