Dicing with Death – The Bruniskov Offensive

433813.M41 – 06h00-18h21

The first wave begins its assault.

After a two week preliminary bombardment that saw a number of renegade defences destroyed, 2nd Company launched the first wave assault. Supported by a squadron of Leman Russ from the 11th Assault Korps their objective was to seize the trenches at Sector 33-12 and force a breakthrough of the outer defence lines.

Members of 1st Platoon advance through the Vraksian barricades.

The progress was initially slow, with the company’s right flank collapsing under heavy mortar fire, but the pressure of the Krieg Leman Russ forced the renegades to call up reserve units to blunt the attack.

Renegade mortar fire proved deadly in the opening stages of the assualt.

Lieutenant Harbrov’s 3rd Platoon had made good progress on the right flank thanks to mortar fire pinning the renegades in their trenches. After a brutal hand to hand combat, he had secured the front trenches. However this success was fleeting as a hulking pack of Ogryns charged through the fog. They barreled through the whole of the 3rd Platoon, butchering everything in their sight. Despite Lieutenant Harbrov’s heroics in slaying one of the beasts, he was pulverised by an improvised weapon built from a power drill.

Vraksian reinforcements counter-attack and reclaim the front lines for the heretics.

Eventually 10th Platoon’s autocannon squads were able to slay the monstrosities thanks to sheer weight of fire.

Renegade armoured support proved ineffective against the Leman Russ of 11th Assault Korps. Despite landing several hits, the traitor Vanquisher was unable to knock out a single tank and was forced to withdraw after counter-fire destroyed the tank’s turret.

11th Assault Korps support of 2nd Company proved key to the assault.

The second and third waves were sent in, sensing that a breakthrough was possible. However, 2nd Company was ultimately unable to clear the trenches of all enemy forces and as such was forced to pull back to the Krieg lines.

Korpsmen of the third wave engage in hand to hand combat with Vraksian renegades in no man’s land.

Objective: Not secured
Krieg casualties: 75% [level acceptable]

Report compiled by Munitorum adept Fyget, assigned to the 88th Siege Army Staff Headquarters, Thracian Primaris

Renegade command stands defiant following the failure of 2nd Company’s assault

Tom and I had great fun playing a Siege of Vraks game – we’ve been meaning to do it for ages and finally finished up painting enough terrain to do it justice. We each built a 1,250 point list using the Siege of Vraks second edition for this game.

We played a mission from the 4th edition rulebook (which was the edition that the first Siege of Vraks book was written for). The attacker had to wipe out the defender completely to win the game, all the defender had to do was survive (which I did with one man left!)

It was an interesting game, with Tom having a preliminary bombardment that cleared some key defences and his destroyed troop choices coming back via ongoing reserves.

Still, it felt like a bit of an uphill struggle for the attacker, so we may tweak the mission a bit. Then again, trying to storm a trench isn’t an easy task – just ask the 88th Siege Army!

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