Re-Muster the Militia – Part 2

Having rushed out the gate last week, this week was slower in terms of our hobby. Even so, progress is progress – here is what we did last week!


I had a busy couple of days at work this week so unfortunately I haven’t got as much hobby done as I would have liked. Luckily I have got some free time over the next couple of weeks to really crack down on my painting to get things ready for the event.

On the to-do list are 24 grenadiers and a Leman Russ. I love painting the tanks for my militia army as they are really quick to do but look ace on the table.


So this week has been a busy week with work and other life commitments, which means the hobby progress has been a bit slower. But I’ve been looking at what I still need to do before the event and getting the fear a bit now! I can already see myself frantically drybrushing tanks at 3am the night before the event!

I have made some progress though. My Carnodon tanks are almost done. All 3 have a basic paint job and transfers on them. I played around with pigment powers with fixer as a heavy mud/sand effect on the tracks. It was way too orange and I’ve tried to tone it down a bit. Not sure I want to use that effect on all my tanks. Might just stick to my previous drybrushing technique I used on my Sentinels‘ feet instead as I feel it gives a better overall look. I’ve also sprayed up my other tanks with basecoats so there’s plenty more armour to come!

I may come back later and add some chips and recess washes to weather them more, but for now I need to focus on getting my whole army to a table top standard before I go spending ages refining things!

The other two Cardnodons awaiting weathering.

Also a little packaged arrived! He’s going to be the basis for my Night Lords envoy. Can you tell what’s in the box!? Check back next week to see if you were right (and/or whether I managed to get round to actually building him amongst all the tank painting)!


Infantryman of Byzant Janizars testing out the front ramp of the Dunerider

I managed to build my first Chimera/Dunerider conversion this week. My goal was to make it look more like an Imperial Army vehicle than a Mechanicum one whilst ensuring the equipment was still accurate. The first step in this was to replace some of the more obvious mechy details with imperial equivalents (in general the Mechanicum range is more rounded visually whilst the wider Imperium loves a more blocky aesthetic). I also loaded up the vehicle with gear, fuel and weapons to make it look like it is used on long patrols.

After a rummage through my bits box I found a couple of spare turrets from the Baneblade sponsons that I thought would fit well onto the vehicle. They were big enough to look like it could house an autocannon, without being too big that it would dominate the model and look clunky.

The vehicle entry has a hull mounted Heavy Bolter, but I couldn’t find a way to fit one on the model without it being weirdly placed given the front ramp. It was then the idea of a side sponson came to me. I think it works as the asymmetrical look is a key visual for Imperial vehicles. I had a go at removing the side detail with a saw which wasn’t too tricky, but did require some plasticard inside to cover up the gap. The sponson itself is taken from the Leman Russ Battle Tank kit and fits on quite nicely. I’m really happy with the result, mainly because it puts the vehicle alongside the Valdor Tank Hunter with having one side-sponson and the Valdor is my favourite vehicle!

Overall I am happy with the look – I think it fits within the style of my force nicely and is different enough to the original kit. What do you think? Any suggestions or improvements?

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