Re-Muster the Militia – Part 3

A mixed week progress wise! Guess which one of us has now got the fear before the event (yes it’s the one who has nine tanks to paint still)!! This week we’ve all been discussing our envoy models and how we’re going to convert them up too.


So now that I have built all of my infantry and picked up the correct spray for them, I can crack on with the painting. Painting is probably the part of the hobby I least enjoy, but having fully painted armies on the table is just so rewarding.

Going to hopefully have all of my grenadiers painted by the weekend and then I just need to paint my envoy and my last leman russ (which I haven’t even built yet).

This is the envoy that I will be building, not sure how I am going to convert him up yet but let’s see what I can find in my bits box. Feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions!


The sentinels have some company now

So the fear has sunk in! Lots to paint and even a couple of squads to build and convert! Got the paint laid down on my first infantry squad (two more to go after this). Still need to weather the bases a bit but happy with the colour scheme so far. Gonna add some decals to their chest plates too but trying to decide which ones to go with.

I love the Palatine Enforcers models and used them as the basis for my infantry. I feel they fit the mechanised, elite infantry vibe I’m going for. The gas masks work well given they are from a dusty, inhospitable forge world. The red is a nod to the Adpetus Mechanicus colour scheme as they have close ties to them – how else did they get so many shiny new tanks! I’ve gone for a quick and dirty paint scheme using washes to minimise painting time and get the tabletop ready quickly!

I’m very grateful this week for Jamie helping me out and knocking me up some transports for my infantry. Check out the sweet rides below!

Anyone need a ride?


I’ve got lots to be working on for my militia list but I’ve taken pity on Stu this week and built him up some Damocles rhinos for his list. He’s a notoriously slow painter and so he needs all the help he can get to be ready in time! I’ve added on some massive dozer blades from the Leman Russ kit to help add to the unique look. They have a strong heresy vibe and will help the rhinos look less like classic Space Marine rhinos.

Anyways! Back to my more important things – my list. My main focus this week is on my consul – representing the White Scars. He’s based off the Space Marine Legion Vigilator. I still need to add some arms and weapons to him but the model is proving to be a bit awkward to modify. He’s got an awesome pose and will be worth all the filing, re-positioning and swearing in the end!

Currently ‘armless! But not for long…

Cheers for checking out our progress and look forward to showing you some more progress next week!

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