Tom’s Decks

My first deck was Vrondiss Rage of Ancients from the Adventures of the Forgotten Realms release. I have tuned the deck somewhat and replaced many of the original cards. The main aim of the deck is to make Vrondiss indestructible and then churn out infinite tokens and infinite direct damage to my opponents. It has worked well so far and I am still looking to improve it further.


My newest deck is a dragon tribal deck. It features Miirym Sentinel Wyrm as its commander and its main aim is to ramp out and put big dragons on the board. It’s a fairly new deck for me so it is still being tuned, however it packs a huge punch. The look on Jamie and Stu’s faces when I create 10 dragons in one turn and make 100 treasure tokens is hilarious.

The dragon printer is online!

Another of my decks that I absolutely love is my life link/counters deck. It was my first go at making a deck from scratch and it is so much fun to play. It runs Trelessara the Moon Dancer as its commander and takes advantage of my commander’s scry ability to sift through my deck to find my win cons. Life link can be a tricky one to win with because it prolongs games a lot, but with Aetherflux Reservoir, Test of Endurance and Feldiar Sovereign, I can close out games fairly consistently.

Ill scry and scry again!

Another of my decks is the Spirit Squadron precon and whilst I have made some changes to the deck it is definitely not as optimized as it could be. I do not play it very often but hopefully as I make more tweaks the deck will smooth out and see more action. The aim is to get as many flying spirit tokens as possible and then kill your opponents through combat damage.

I see g.g.g.ghosts!

Don’t worry there are more decks to come!

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