Praetor Artwork

Just a quick post to show off our awesome Praetor artwork by Orniris. We have always wanted portraits of our three leaders to help bring them to life off the battlefield. It is also cool to have something to hang next to our paint stations!

As you can see Orniris did an awesome job and we could not be happier with the end result. Check out his website and instagram account for more examples of his cool work!

Chapter Master Imrik Ironforge

For Imrik the hammer is a symbol of both creation and destruction. Having made his way up through the ranks of the breacher squads, he is never without his trusty thunder-hammer.

Despite excelling in single combat, his true passion is the art of craftsmanship, spending many hours refining his skills in the forges of Nocturne.

Following his first successful boarding raid in command he forged himself an exquisite thunder-hammer named ‘Patience’, with some of the metal taken from the melted down bulkhead of the boarded cruiser.

He made his name launching critical boarding assaults on traitor vessels, disrupting their choke hold over Isstvan V and creating a route for loyalist vessels to make their escape with survivors of the massacre.

Rembrancer Cavallan Te, attached to the XVIII Legion during the Great Crusade

Lord Legate Antigonus Chlorus

Lord Legate Antigonus commands the XXII Millennial of the Emperor’s Children with an iron grip, even as the remaining Legion fractures on every whim.

Striving to encapsulate all the Legion believes in, the XXII were an oiled machine emphasising speed and flexibility. Now, as the Emperor’s Children slide into madness, Antigonus and his legionaries are at the forefront, gladly welcoming Fabius’ augmentations and each new sensation experienced.

On the battlefield Antigonus is a blur of violence as he weilds twin blades crafted by Fulgrim himself. He particularly enjoys hounding the shattered survivors of those legions betrayed on Istvaan V.


Shadow Captain Kraai

Shadow Captain Vordin Kraai has led the remaining forces of the 2nd Battalion on a devastating hit and run campaign against surviving traitor legionaries that ambushed the Raven Guard during the drop site massacre.

Striking from the shadows, the 2nd Battalion of the 7th Chapter operate mostly alone and often against terrible odds, however through the unwavering zeal of their commander they have always prevailed.

Known as “Ravenlord’s Executioner” Kraai’s focus is to slay enemy commanders. Kraai is unrelenting in his task to destroy those who betrayed his Legion, his Primarch and his Emperor. He will go to great lengths to ensure that his enemies are destroyed.

Legionary Astys Enoka, 2nd battalion,19th Legion

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