The Zeugan System


All images of planets are edited from a screenshot taken whilst exploring the Space Engine program, for personal use in this campaign only. See )

This highly volcanic world was made up of precarious plate tectonics making any large settlement impossible. As a result the inhabitants use large mining trucks and subterranean vessels capable of moving through the lava. There is an abundance of ores in this planet and it provides much of the raw material for Hephaiston’s forges.

When the III Legion fleet approached the planet, the planet had little option but to bow to them and declare for Horus. This has impacted on Hephaiston’s production capabilities and so recapturing this planet will be a priority for the loyalists.

Planet Specific Rules
All terrain pieces representing rivers, lakes or other water features are considered to be made up of lava or other super-heated material and, in addition to any other special rules those terrain pieces might have, they also gain the following rules:

  • Super-heated: Any model which moves onto the base of a piece of terrain which possesses this special rule immediately suffers a Str 8 AP 3 hit with the Rending special rule, in addition to any other effects the terrain piece may have. Note that if the terrain piece includes a bridge or other protected area, then no hits are sustained by models on those areas – such areas should be noted and agreed upon by the players before the beginning of the games.
  • Toxic fumes: Any Infantry unit (of any sub-type) that is not embarked on a Transport vehicle or building and begins its turn within 12” of the base of a piece of terrain with this special rule, must take a Pinning test before the beginning of the Movement phase.


The first world of significant standing to reject the Emperor’s Children’s demands for compliance, Persepolis bore the brunt of a massive planetary assault that saw the entire XXII Millennial and countless other assets land concurrently in a feat of strategic masterwork. Such a display of power served as a warning to the rest of the sector of what faces them should they reject Horus’ message.

The planet now lies in ruins, one of many shattered cityscapes now so sadly prevalent in the galaxy.

Planet Specific Rules
At least half of the terrain pieces must be Treacherous Ruins. These are difficult terrain and offer a 4+ cover save. Whenever a unit moves within the ruins and rolls a double on the Difficult Terrain checks they encounter one of the following relics of war:

  • Double 1 or 2: All models in this ruin suffer a single Str 4 AP 5 hit with the Rending and Pinning special rules.
  • Double 3 or 4: Every unit with at least one model in the ruin must make an immediate Pinning test.
  • Double 5 or 6: All friendly models in the ruin gain Twin-linked for the game turn.


This small planet is entirely covered by city and its urban sprawl has spread onto its two satellites as well. The easiest way to travel is by using the extensive underground network of grav-trains. The planet is protected by fascinating archaeotech force generators which were subject to several investigatory requests from the Martian Mechanicum.

Lade also features a vast spaceport with a series of impressive space elevators that allow for fast transport between the planet’s surface and the ships in orbit. This star port was overrun by Alpha legion forces before the Warmaster’s forces even entered the system and was quickly turned into a vital resupplying station for the traitors.

Planet Specific Rules

  • This trait has no effect if no one controls the war zone.
  • If you play a game in this warzone and your faction currently controls it, all units may deploy using the Deep Strike special rule if held in Reserves (they are assumed to have airdropped from craft at the airport), and all failed rolls to bring Flyers on from Reserves may be re-rolled.
  • If you play a game in the Zeugan system and your faction currently controls Lade, a single additional Flyer of any kind available to the army list that makes up the player’s core detachment may be included in the army, paying the usual points cost, but without using up a Force Organisation choice of any type.

Famous Battles

The Creshan Belt

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