The Perditian System


All images of planets are edited from a screenshot taken whilst exploring the Space Engine program, for personal use in this campaign only. See )

A planet wrecked by cutting storms that race round the equator, the first colonists built squat cities that burrowed into the planet’s surface. It sits on the main warp route into the sub-sector, so control of it is key for both sides.

The first planet to be conquered by the traitors as they burst into the system, its ruling elite was decimated and the planet forced to submit to a new, darker compliance. Ieriche’s population has been enslaved and used by the traitors. Whilst some resistance exists, it is hounded mercilessly by jetbike reivers who revel in the slaughter.

Planet Specific Rules
At the start of the game randomly designate one board edge to be the source of the storm. All models moving towards this board edge, including vehicles, move 1” less than normal (including run and charge moves), and models that move in any direction using jump or jet packs, or which are Skimmer or Flyer type vehicles, must make a Dangerous Terrain test when they move.

Notris M.III

An otherwise unimportant world with no large scale permanent occupation, this station houses the long-range monitoring equipment used to detect vessels arriving in system, as well as acting as the control hub for trade/ship movement. As such it is protected by formidable defences.

There are a number of monolithic xenos structures on this planet that resonate with anti-psychic energy and the Mechanicum commissioned a number of expeditions to investigated these structures. To this date none have returned…

Planet Specific Rules
At the beginning of each player turn, before the Movement phase, each unit of Infantry, Beasts or Monstrous Creatures without the Cybernetica Cortex special rule must make a Toughness test. If this is failed, the unit must reduce its Initiative, Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill and all Movement (including Run moves and charges) by -1 until the beginning of its controlling player’s next turn.

Weapons with Gets Hot ignore this game turn 1.

Successful Dangerous Terrain tests for vehicles must be re-rolled.

All close combat attacks gain Rending.

Famous Battles

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