The Helosian System

Helios IV

An unsubtle world, like many other fortress worlds, the birth rate and enlistment late are synonymous. Vast citadels of power dominate the landscape, with a number of defence silos and lasers situated on the planet’s poles. The system’s other inhabitants joke that the planet’s forests are barbed wire and rivers trenches. This is not far from the truth however, and those who live on Helios IV never find it that funny.

Helios IV is so protected because it houses an astronomicon relay station that is vital for keeping communication with the galactic south-west. So, whilst attacking it is a daunting prospect, it is a necessary task for any faction seeking to dominate this area of the galaxy.

Planet Specific Rules
Fortified Bastion Complex:

  • This trait has no effect if no one controls the war zone.
  • If you play a game in this warzone and your faction currently controls it, you may deploy up to D3+1 Wall of Martyrs Imperial Defence Lines or Wall of Martyrs Imperial Bunker Fortifications, with no options and for no points cost.

Helios VII

One of a number of gas giants in the system, it is the orbital stations surrounding Helios VII that are so important. These stations house several mining stations, some of which strip resources from the planet’s moons, the most significant of which farm hydrogen from the planet itself. It is a dangerous life on these stations, but one that provides a resource vital in so many ways to the wider Imperium.

Planet Specific Rules
Fighting on this planet itself is impossible. As such, games here are best played using the Zone Mortalis mission rules to represent the bloody corridor by corridor firefights in the orbital stations or mining habs. Alternatively, some of Helios’ moons had thin atmospheres and so normal age of darkness missions can also be played, representing factions trying to outmanoeuvre each other outside of the safety of the pressurised buildings.

Regardless of the mission type, Cold in the Void is always in effect in this warzone.

Famous Battles

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