The Cyclamanian System


(All images of planets are edited from a screenshot taken whilst exploring the Space Engine program, for personal use in this campaign only. See )

Cyclamen is the bread basket of the sub-sector and features a number of agri-worlds each specialising in a different foodstuff. Querca, the largest of the habited planets is also the unofficial system capital. Predominantly covered in immense forests, human settlement is condensed into a number of clearings and a mountain range around the planet’s equator. A popular resort of the sub-sector’s elite, this planet contains vast breweries making everything from cheap Amasec to the finest Whisky.

Planet Specific Rules
At least half of the terrain pieces must be Tangled Forests. These count as difficult terrain and all models on the terrain piece have a 4+ cover save regardless of whether or not they are 25% obscured. While models within the forest can be targeted normally, no line of sight may be drawn through the forest and vehicles moving though the forest fails Dangerous Terrain on a 1 or 2.


A fascinating world geographically, it has one vast continent at the North Pole, the rest of the planet is vast ocean and as such the population has adopted and built towns on stilts. Naturally the majority of the exports of this planet is fish and large kelpic farms which are used to make a protein paste that feeds the armies of the Great Crusade.

The planet’s orbital stations are never quiet as trade ships constantly move produce out of the system. These orbital stations also became a staging point for the sub-sector’s secondary fleet and as such, was a key rallying point for the loyalists.

The pride and joy of the Pisaians is the 1212th Cohort, a distinguished force of Solar Auxiliaries and the cornerstone of the 216th Expeditionary Fleet.

Planet Specific Rules
Cold in the Void is in effect in this warzone

Famous Battles

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