The Archadian System


(All images of planets are edited from a screenshot taken whilst exploring the Space Engine program, for personal use in this campaign only. See )

This forge world is the beating heart of the sub-sector and has supplied countless war materials for the Great Crusade. It even houses a fragment STC of the Hellhammer super heavy tank and prides itself on the quality of the super-heavies it produces. The 1st Hephaiston Super-heavy tank regiment fought alongside the Emperor himself, with the command tank “Broadsword” allegedly saving his life on the world of Dnoreg.

The continent-factories work day and night to support the war effort and as a result the planet is covered in a thick blanket of smog that chokes all but the hardiest of life and makes long distance spotting much more difficult.

Planet Specific Rules
All units targeted by Shooting attacks in this warzone are considered to be 3” further away than they actually are.

Manufactorum Complex:

  • This trait has no effect if no one controls the war zone.
  • If you play a game in this warzone and your faction currently controls it, roll a D6 every time a friendly vehicle is removed from play, on a roll of a 6, the controlling player may add that vehicle into Ongoing Reserves instead of removing it as destroyed (the enemy still gets a victory point for its destruction where relevant).
  • If you play a game in the Archadian system and your faction currently controls Hephaiston, you may include an additional vehicle with the Tank type (of any kind available to the army list) that makes up the player’s core detachment, may be included in the army, paying the usual points cost, but without using up a Force Organisation choice of any type. 

Archadia Primaris (sub-sector capital)

This is the capital planet for the system, and indeed whole sub-sector. This planet was re-settled by Solar Auxilia veterans after a hard-fought compliance. The first planetary governor, Horatio Octavian has invested considerable effort, and personal fortune, in this world and it stands at the heart of the administratum for all Xyphos. It has several sprawling hives and the population has exploded in the century since compliance. Controlling this centre allows you an ear to the Governor and the power to control the whole sub-sector.

Planet Specific Rules
At least half the terrain pieces deployed must be buildings (intact or ruined). At the start of the game each player nominates one of the following secondary objectives to apply to them only:

  • Slayer of Cities: Any time a player with this secondary objective scores victory points for the destruction of an enemy unit, they score 1 additional Victory point if that unit was embarked in a building at any point in the phase in which it was destroyed.
  • Defender of the Weak: If, at the end of the game, a player with this Secondary objective claims control of more buildings than their opponent, the player with the most buildings scores 1 extra Victory point.

Thracia Superior

A civilised world, Thracia Superior lacks the intense population centres of Archadia Primaris but nonetheless has a thriving population. The planet has a slow orbit and is situated a long way from the system’s stars, it is a world of unending night. The locals are used to this, and are pale, wide eyed human variants. But for everyone else the lack of light outside of the vivo-domes is terrifying.

Already nicknamed “The Philosophers’ Planet” it calls home to many of Rembrancers from the Expeditionary Fleets. Many view Thracia Superior as a symbol of what the Great Crusade was aiming for, and the artificially lit vivo-domes feature miles of elegant statuary and colonnades of marble and glass.

Planet Specific Rules
The Night Fighting special rules are always in effect for the entire game. In addition, any unit that is required to take a Morale check at the end of the Movement, Psychic or Shooting phases due to casualties incurred suffers a -1 penalty to their Leadership value for that Morale check. Note that units with the Night Vision special rules ignore all effects of this trait.

Famous Battles

War for Archadia Primaris

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