The Ansham System


(All images of planets are edited from a screenshot taken whilst exploring the Space Engine program, for personal use in this campaign only. See )

A violent death world bursting with life that evolves at an astonishing rate where the feral human population live short, brutal lives. Nevertheless, the world was strategically important to the sub-sector’s south and offered a haven for research and protein-rich produce. The planetary governor and the ruling aristocracy live a life of luxury on the chain of moons rather than the planet itself.

A Mechanicum settlement primarily of Magi Biologi is situated at the planet’s pole and makes important discoveries about the planet’s fascinating flora and fauna. Rumours also abound that they experiment on the feral human population to understand what makes them thrive on a planet that is constantly trying to kill them.

Planet Special Rules

All Twisted Corpses or other terrain features representing woods are replaced with Xenos Forrest terrain pieces.

A terrain piece of this type counts as difficult terrain, and all models on the base of the terrain piece receive a 4+ cover save regardless of whether or not they are 25% obscured. In addition, any unit that ends its turn either within a Xenos Forest or within 6” of one is targeted by a Shooting attack at BS2 and uses the following profile:

Xenos Forest6”1Assault D6 +1, Poisoned (4+)
Veterans of the Ultramarines’ 77th company ‘Black Consuls’ engage Agony’s Embrace on Sethurisia

Famous Battles

The First and Second Emunic War
Slaughter of the 8th

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