The Aduran System

Adura Majoris

(All images of planets are edited from a screenshot taken whilst exploring the Space Engine program, for personal use in this campaign only. See )

A burning hot desert world, the Adurans are a hardy people that provided numerous auxilia units to the Great Crusade. Brave fighters whose favoured weapon is allegedly the flamer so others can experience the heat of the Aduran sun, a number of worlds would not have been brought into compliance without timely intervention of Adurans.

The majority of the population live in city tunnels below the surface, or in travelling hydro-caravans that move from water source to water source. For most, standing exposed on the planet’s surface is a death sentence in minutes.

Planet Specific Rules
On any turn in which a unit Runs or Charges, or a vehicle of any type moves at Cruising Speed or moves Flat Out, immediately roll a D6 for that unit/vehicle. On the roll of a 1, a single model in the unit (chosen by the controlling player) loses a single wound with no saves allowed, or the vehicle loses 1 Hull Point.


A stockpile world, this planet houses titanic underground bunkers containing vast amounts of arms and ammunition. Plundering these stocks will give the controlling force a big advantage. The planet itself has a stable climate and is otherwise unassuming. This was deliberate, as it was assumed that enemies would likely assume this planet as not a threat and pass it by; thus, protecting the stores.

Eremus might have survived the planet unscathed as a result, had an Alpha Legion infiltrator not discovered this planet’s secret and informed traitor command.

Planet Specific Rules
Armoury Vaults:

  • This trait has no effect if no one controls the war zone.
  • If you play a game in this warzone and your faction currently controls it, all units belonging to that side may re-roll a single failed To Hit roll in each Shooting phase.
  • If you play a game in the Aduran system and your faction currently controls Eremus, the Warlord of the controlling faction may upgrade one weapon to be Master-crafted for no additional points.


Incura was a small world whose principal moon was almost as large as it and was scorched by solar radiation. Only just within the habitable zone, Incura was an industrial world whose outputted helped supply the sub-sector.

Liberated by a small contingent of Death Guard, this world also supplied a number of dangerous weaponry using irradiated material captured from Incura’s surface. Whilst locked away during the Great Crusade, a Raven Guard destroyer company plundered the stockpiles on arrival in system.

Planet Specific Rules
Any units not equipped with Hardened Armour, Void Hardened Armour or an invulnerable save, the opposing player must roll a single D6 against the majority Toughness of that unit at the end of its controlling player’s turn. If the result is greater than the unit’s majority Toughness value, or a natural 6, then the unit takes D3 wounds with no armour saves allowed.

Vehicles, or units embarked within a vehicle or building, are unaffected by this rule. In addition, at the start of each game turn, both players must roll a D6. If the total score of the two dice is 7 or greater, then the player whose individual dice score was highest must place a Large Blast (5”) marker anywhere on the table and scatter it. This Large Blast marker will always scatter the full distance, and all models under its final position suffer an attack using the following profile:

Rad Strike43Heavy 1, Fleshbane, Rad-phage

Famous Battles
The Siege of Dum’la
Incuran Uprising

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