Raven Guard

My Horus Heresy journey started when the Betrayal of Calth was released by Games Workshop.  Soon after the BaC was purchased I found myself ordering Corax and a unit of Dark Furies (which are amazing!).


Shortly after the XIX Legion was united with its Primarch, Kraai was put in command of the II Battalion, VII Chapter as Shadow Captain. Kraai formed his Battalion into assault and tactical companies as was the normal organisation of the XIX. He did however boast aircraft and reconnaissance units amongst his companies in high numbers, even for a XIX Legion Battalion. Under Kraai’s command the II Battalion earned a long list of battle honours during the latter years of the Great Crusade, which surpassed even Battalions of the I and II Chapters. After the Drop Site Massacre on Isstvan V the remaining legionnaires of the II Battalion were reforged into the 8Th Talon and given their own Strike Cruiser, ‘Aris Irae’. The renaming of the Battalion was a result of Kraai’s outstanding record of victories involving stealth, reconnaissance and hit and run tactics, which had been mastered under the watchful guidance of Strike Captain Alvarex Maun. Corax, recognising the 8th Talons skill at insurgency missions, dispatched them to harass traitor forces moving towards Terra. They continued to work independently, sometimes alongside surviving scattered loyalist forces, to strike at the traitor legions where least expected.

Here are some photos of the army, I will put up some individual unit shots when I can steal the light box!









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