Light Gun Battalion, 2nd Goodwoods

“the Enemy fired a volley. It was well directed, and did considerable execution, but it checked not our approach for a moment. After having exhausted several cells of our lascarbines, we succeeded in getting within charging distance. Then, indeed, another cheer was given, and the Enemy, without waiting for the rush, once more broke their ranks and fled.”

Account of the Battle of Sal-banlet by Mulazim Sirri of the 2nd Goodwoods

Homeworld: Geriff’s World

Commanding officer: Colonel-Sharifa Fatima Dragut

Unit Type: Motorised infantry, field artillery


The Goodwoods are named after the styalised tree that makes up their corps’ symbol. Hailing from a temprrate world with a peculiar atmosphere, the Goodwood’s frequently wear additional respiratory equipment so they can operate on other worlds.

The “1st Corps, Grieff’s World” had originally been assigned to the 63rd Expeditionary Fleet and had the honour of serving alongside the Luna Wolves during numerous compliance operations – including being commanded by Hastur Sejanus.

Unlike other forces that were assigned to an army group as a whole to ensure consistency of command, the Goodwoods were split up at a divisional level across all armies. It was hoped that these veteran units would help steady the fresh regiments and avoid any teething problems for the the newly formed 216th Expeditionary Fleet.

Equipment and Fighting Style

Tough, experienced and flexible on the attack or defence, the Goodwoods have proven their worth many times over. Unlike others, their officers are taught to be pragmatic and not overreach on the attack. Preferring to consolidate ground rather than rush headlong. This has caused friction between the Goodwoods and some of the other, more traditionally minded units – in particular the Urslaviks.

The basic building block of the Goodwoods is the troop, which is made up of 10 men mounted in centaur light carriers. Each troop is frequently equipped with special and heavy weapons and one centaur pulls a light artillery piece, usually a quad morter. As a result, each troop is able to put out a significant amount of firepower for its unit size.

Each trooper is trained to fire the mortar to ensure the troop can rely on the mortar’s deadly pinning effect in the face of casualties. In attack, the troop usually dismounts close to the enemy with the light gun operated by four men, with the heavy weapon team covering the four men assault of the possition.

The centaur light carrier, although lightly armoured, suits the mobile fighting style of the Goodwoods. Thanks to its hardmount on top, the troop can fire its special and even on occassion heavy weapons whilst on the move.

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