Plans for the future…

Making the most of the free shipping from Forge World, the Salamanders are getting some big reinforcements…

With Corax and Fulgrim gracing our battlefields, it was only a matter of time before Vulkan brought his massive hammer to bear! Plus from our last game, where a squad of 5 Firedrakes destroyed everything they were pitched against, we’ve learnt that bigger is better! And why not throw in an extra contemptor and some pyroclasts for good measure.

We’re also in the middle of updating our scenery. As we only play with painted models, we figured that having fully painted scenery makes all the difference. Currently we are rebasing and painting our realm of battle boards, and figured a couple of cool forge world boards will provide focal points for our games.

p.s. shopping after a couple of beers is always fun!

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A tale of three wargamers and our various projects

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