1/7th Battalion, “Governor’s Own Petrevere Regiment”

Homeworld: Petrevere

Commanding officer: Lord-General Gustavs Frankevi

Unit type: Heavy Infantry


Petrevere, located in a spiral army of the Xyphos sub-sector was brought into compliance following an imperium-backed coup. The new planetary governor was determined to prove his loyalty and so immediately offered units to the 216th Expeditionary Fleet, despite the sore need for manpower on-world to prop-up the shakily won compliance.

One of seven regiments dispatched to the fleet, the 1/7th Battalion proved a surprisingly efficient heavy infantry unit. Recruited from the Governor’s personal guard, each soldier was a younger child of one of Petrevere’s nobility. A number of veteran units questioned the bright uniforms and pageantry of the 1/7th, but a series of bloody victories on Lan’s World showed they could be relied on to fight and hold the line.

Despite this, the 1/7th maintained strained relationships with the other units in the 4th Army Group, especially the Plöners from Kresig. Being nobility, the Petreveres saw the Plöners as nothing better than criminals and therefore not worth their effort.

As a result, the 1/7th were often given secondary objectives in the line, rather than being used in the combined arms attacks perfected by the 4th Army Group’s commander Lieutenant-General ‘Hracy ’Estanathor.

Equipment & Fighting Style

Petrevere’s governor equipped the regiments with the best equipment his planet could provide and the men wore the blue and yellow slashed clothing traditionally worn by the governor’s personal guard – these regiments were intended as a statement – the Governor was sending his own bodyguard away to fight for the imperium seemingly heedless to his own protection.

Notable Conflicts

  • Lan’s World
  • ’Endaran Xenocides
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